We are here to assist you with all your heating needs. Don’t give it a miss if your heater is not functioning the way it should be, as it can give rise to an unavoidable hazard. At Darebin Gas, we go above and beyond to make sure that the heating systems installed in your home operate safely. So, leave it to the specialists and have the peace of mind you deserve. We also have a wide range of heating systems from the most reputed brands, which are installed by our licensed technicians. So, if you are after replacing your current heating system with a much more modern, and high-quality product, don’t look any further. Additionally, we offer and advise to carry out maintenance services at least once every two years. Our team of licensed plumbers ensures that the heating system performs optimally.

For a repair, routine clean & service or for a quote to replace your existing unit call 03 9463 1555 or drop us an email on admin@darebingas.com.au

Ducted Heating

Space Heaters & Wall Furnaces

Ducted heating

Ducted heating is widely accepted by our clientele, considering the versatility it offers along with the quality of air. The system for ducting heating and cooling can be the same, yet automated. The technicians at Darebin Gas would walk you through a range of options for ducted heating and help you choose the best that suits your needs the most. Whether it is zoning out specific rooms, easy access, or a comfortable living environment, ducted heating is a go-to option for most households, and real estate agents for that matter.

Space heaters & wall furnaces

Space Heaters and Wall Furnaces are an environment-friendly, sustainable heating option, along with adding to the aesthetics to the living space. Our certified installers and repairers cater to all your space heaters and wall furnaces needs. This heating system has an edge over other forms of space heating because being a natural gas space heater, it contributes the lowest carbon emissions to the environment. So, design combined with operational efficiency, and sustainability is certainly a win-win.

Unlike unflued gas heaters that increase pollutant levels in a closed space, we install Braemar wall furnaces that are flued. This simply means that the exhaust gases are automatically expelled outside so you don’t have to worry about opening doors/windows to do the needful. If you have any questions about any of the heating systems, we are just a call away.

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